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Tina Lucci

  Mindy Cook
Tina Lucci   Mindy LaClair Roxanne Lone
Benefits Funds & Office Manager
  Benefits Coordinator


Health and Welfare Benefits Office: Office Hours:

244 Paul Road | Rochester, NY 14624

Phone | 585.458.0400

Fax | 585.458.5226

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Monday through Thursday

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM EST


8:00 AM - 4:30 PM EST


January 2012

General Information

Over the past several years’ there have been substantial changes to many of our benefit plans.  Regarding the Health Plan, there have been many due to the recent Health Care Reform Act.  Because of that we will be updating the Health section of your Summary Plan Description Booklet (SPD) very soon.  Whenever you receive updates from the Fund Office for any of the Funds, please replace them in your booklet.  (Please keep the ‘old’ one for reference purposes.) 

Please make it a point to update your address and your beneficiaries that you have on file for all of the Funds.

It is very important that your family members are aware of your SPD and are familiar with your benefits.  Share this very important document with them.

New Website

Soon we will be adding an interactive member website for your use.  This will allow you to log in to a secure site to view your personal information that is stored in our ISSI system.  Some of this information will be:  Eligibility, Work History, Lifetime History, Annuity Information, HRA Balances, Pension status, Census Information and your Benefit Summaries.  There will be certain forms that you will have access to also.  This is currently in the working stage so we will keep you posted on this very exciting Website.

Annuity Fund

Prudential has been the Sheet Metal Worker’s Annuity Fund record keeper for over 5 years.  The primary investment managers are Manning & Napier and the American Funds with Prudential overseeing two conservative options.

You should be receiving quarterly statements that will show you your investment choices, your returns and your balance.  As always, it’s very important to keep your personal information updated so that you continue to receive their mailings.  You can do that either directly with Prudential or through the Fund Office.

Health Fund

Effective January 1, 2009, Dental and Vision Claims processing are being administered by the Health Economics Group (HEG).  You should have an HEG identification card that you can show your providers.  Please remind your providers to file your claim directly with Health Economics.  If your provider doesn’t file your claim directly, please mail it to them at 1050 University Ave., Suite A, Rochester, NY  14607.  The phone number is 585-241-9500.  The extension for Vision is #328 and for Dental is #501.  

EBS-RMSCO and Envision continue to help us administer your health and prescription benefits.

As always, the Fund Office is available to assist you with your needs.

It is important to remember that we remain a fully “Self funded” insurance plan and as such…every penny we save, we all save together; and every penny we waste, we waste together.

Pension Fund

It is very important to constantly monitor their pension statements and to be sure that the Fund’s records match your own.  That way, when you retire, you won’t have the chore of trying to locate missing hours and benefits.

When you decide to retire, please try to contact the Fund office approximately 3 months in advance, when possible.  This will enable the process to move along smoothly and allow you to enjoy your retirement!